About AGEP

NSF’s Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate

A primary component of all AGEP projects is significant capacity building with respect to administrative infrastructure. More specifically, the successful and effective implementation of strategies to coordinate innovative graduate education activities across multiple departments at participating institutions and across multiple partnering institutions requires the establishment of new administrative infrastructure (i.e., policies, practices, offices and staffing). These newly established administrative infrastructures involve a variety of resources, including (but not limited to) space, equipment, and staff. This administrative infrastructure will exist after the term of the NSF-supported activity.

Transition and graduate success strategies tend to be focused in multiple departments across partner institutions (intra-alliance activity), and the career development strategies are more likely to involve inter-alliance activity. Each level of interconnectivity poses exciting challenges and opportunities for developing new paradigms for the vertical integration of research and education that will lead to significant increases in the pool of minority professionals interested in and prepared for careers in the STEM professoriate. In addition to addressing the enhanced preparation of Ph.D.s for the professoriate, AGEP alliances have taken significant steps toward proactively recruiting from that well-nurtured pool to fill future faculty positions.

Through AGEP, an unprecedented community of institutions committed to acting cooperatively at the graduate level is being created. AGEP provides an opportunity for participating institutions to leverage their resources with a community of other institutions sharing a commitment to enhance recruitment, retention, advancement and long-term career success of students.

If you represent a higher education institution, and are interested in applying to the AGEP program, please contact NSF directly. If you have any questions or comments about AAAS’s AGEP studies or activities, or would like to inform us about successful recruitment and retention programs at the undergraduate or graduate level, please contact us.